Yukon Poverty Progress Profile 2016


The cost of living in the North is substantially higher than in the rest of Canada — costs such as housing, food, childcare, and healthcare skyrocket due to the geography and remoteness of the Territories. In 2016, Whitehorse had a living wage estimated at $19.12 per hour, while its minimum wage was significantly lower at $11.07 per hour.

The Yukon Department of Health and Social Services released the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy entitled, A Better Yukon for All: Government of Yukon’s Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy (Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy), in December 2012. Although the report is presented as an action plan, it appears to be more of a descriptive document. Since its release, there have been no reported updates.

Publication date: 
Dec 2016
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