Who is Working for Minimum Wage in Ontario?


Data from the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics shows us that minimum wage work is not distributed equally across all Ontarians: women, racialized workers and recent immigrants are more likely to be working for minimum wage. In 2011, the share of racialized employees at minimum wage is 47 percent higher than for the total population – 13.2 as compared to 9 percent. Fully 19.1 percent of recent immigrants are working at minimum wage, more than twice that of all employees.Young workers are much more likely to be working for minimum wage than those who are over 25. But almost 40 percent of employees working for minimum wage, 183,000 Ontarians, were 25 years of age and over in 2011. The share of adult employees at minimum wage more than doubled between 2003 and 2011. However, the pace of increase was even faster for racialized adult employees and adult employees who are immigrants.

Publication date: 
Oct 2013
Sheila Block
Wellesley Institute
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