Saskatchewan Report Card on Child and Family Poverty, 2016


From 2004 to 2014, Saskatchewan experienced ten years of exceptionally strong economic growth. Employment and incomes grew and many people in the province greatly benefited from this strong economic growth. As can be seen in Figure 1, the province’s poverty level peaked in 2004 but since then has declined in most years. By 2014, the latest year for which income data are available, the Saskatchewan poverty rate (14.8 per cent) was close to but still above the poverty rate for Canada as a whole (14.4 per cent). 

However, not all is good in the province; 160,000 Saskatchewan residents, including 64,000 children, have incomes that are not enough to pull them out of poverty. These children and adults have difficulty feeding and housing themselves and do not have the resources to participate equally with those having adequate or high incomes. Since commodity prices collapsed in recent years, the Saskatchewan economy has turned downward, causing economic difficulties for many in the province. While the population continues to grow, employment has levelled off and the number of full-time jobs has declined. Unemployment jumped by fifty per cent, from 24,000 unemployed workers in 2013 to 38,000 for the first ten months of 2016. This does not bode well for low-income residents of the province – it seems likely that when data about the province’s poverty rate for 2015 and 2016 become available, there will again be an increase in poverty.


Publication date: 
Nov 2016
Paul Gingrich, Garson Hunter, Miguel Sanchez
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