Saskatchewan Poverty Progress Profile 2016


Saskatchewan’s child poverty rate is 24.6%, well above the national rate of 18.5%. When compared to other provinces and territories’ child poverty rates, Saskatchewan is third only to Nunavut and Manitoba. This rate triples for the Indigenous population – it is estimated that two-thirds of Saskatchewan’s Indigenous children live in poverty. 

Poverty costs Saskatchewan $3.8 million in heightened service use and missing opportunities for contributions to the GDP and taxes. In the wake of a large grassroots movement towards developing a poverty strategy, Lieutenant Governor Schofield announced in October 2014 that Saskatchewan would develop its first poverty reduction strategy. 

In 2016, the Saskatchewan Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction, a group appointed by the Ministry of Social Services, released a poverty strategy entitled the Saskatchewan Poverty Reduction Strategy (SPRS)

Publication date: 
Dec 2016
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